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Building Community at Our Hastings Kindergarten & Childcare

At Piccolini Hastings Private Kindergarten and Childcar, we have children from a broad spectrum of different cultures, and our centre reflects the diversity of the wider community. At our early childhood centre, we love to celebrate our unique heritage and the ways that different foods and cultural practices can help us to learn about what life may be like around the globe. Kids are always keen on a party or a special day, and these days are marked as fun occasions where everyone can participate.

What’s Your Life Like?

Each whanau has things that make them happy, and things that make them connected to their culture. A lot of families have objects or practices which make up an important part of who they are (taonga), and at Piccolini Hastings we encourage all our daycare kids to share the ideas and stories that are unique to their lives. A big part of building strong bonds is done around the table, and we reckon when we sit and eat together, we can grow closer and understand each other better.

Dress Ups Are Always Fun

At our Hastings childcare centre, we will jump on any opportunity to dress up! It’s always fun when everyone gets involved, it creates a festive atmosphere, and turns an ordinary day into something special.
Some of the events we celebrate include Samoan Language week, Saint Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year, Seaweek – Kaupapa Moana, Matariki Maori New Year and Tongan Language Week. When we make an effort to get to know each other more, we grow stronger as a community – we are especially keen to see what your family likes to eat, and we encourage you to share your recipes or bring in a plate of something for your daycare friends to try.

Get Involved

If someone in your whanau has a song or a story they would like to share, the Piccolini Hastings team are always keen to get you along. There are lots of opportunities for all the families connected to our early childhood centre to get involved, and it’s what keeps us learning and growing as a childcare centre – and as a connected community. You could even practice something with your tamariki and bring it in and teach us all – we dare you!

At Piccolini Hastings we are an inclusive and diverse childcare centre, so give us a call to get involved in celebrating all the things that make us special.