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Good Nutrition a Natural Part of Our Day at Piccolini Hastings

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, that’s how the song goes. At Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare Hastings we believe that your daycare kid benefits from a balanced approach and eating should be a pleasure we can all enjoy. We are a centre-wide lunchbox daycare and that means you get to choose what your child brings to daycare for their lunch, and that we provide kitchen space for your tamariki to learn some basic skills preparing some supplementary food.

What’s Cooking?

At our Hastings early childhood centre, our teachers get the children involved in the kitchen making some great snacks for morning or afternoon tea. We provide a safe kindy and childcare environment for learning about what goes into our food, and sometimes there might even be a spoonful of sugar in there! It’s all about finding a balance between healthy snacks like a plate of apple and carrot cut up for little fingers, a cheesy muffin with a bit of spinach slipped in for fibre and vitamins, and a yummy chocolate cake perhaps with a bit of grated beetroot!

Maths and Science – And Treats!

There are lots of opportunities for learning when your tamariki get involved in the kindergarten kitchen at Piccolini Hastings. Baking provides space to learn about the different ways we measure wet and dry ingredients, how different ingredients interact together and in which order it’s better to mix things for a good result. There is plenty of scope for creativity with room to decorate a cake or some biscuits, and you never know when you might ignite a lifelong passion or be part of the story a Masterchef winner tells in the Woman’s Weekly!

Breakfast In Bed?

Our Hastings childcare and kindergarten wants to be part of the journey towards independence that is such an important part of growing up, we want our daycare kids to feel like they are contributing here and if they can bring some new skills home that’s great too. So whether you want an assistant in the kitchen, or hold out a fond hope for breakfast in bed on your birthday, we are here to help your tamariki get some basic skills and knowledge around food preparation.

Planting And Eating

While we are learning about food in the kitchen at Piccolini Hastings we are also learning about where it comes from, we even have a little garden at our daycare centre so the kids can see how our veggies grow and learn when they are ready to be picked.

It’s all about using play to learn and we think nutrition is a super important part of that, get in touch today to chat about getting your child involved in the kitchen at Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare Hastings.