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How We’re Keeping Parents and Family Connected

At Piccolini Hastings we love to stay connected to our community, and for us, that means you, your whanau, and your extended whanau. One of the great tools we use at our daycare to keep in touch and make sure you stay involved is the Storypark App. Lots of families have been having extra time apart recently and that can make it hard to keep those day-to-day contacts happening.

Safe Sharing

With Storypark you can share special moments with family and friends that are living further afield in a safe, secure, online environment. At our kindy and childcare in Hastings we keep a digital record of all the great learning and play that your children are involved with during the kindergarten day, this means that we take photos and videos throughout our sessions, and we can then share those digital treasures with you.

Don’t Miss a Thing

Lots of parents and caregivers struggle with dropping little ones off in the morning, and it’s natural to feel a little sad about missing out on those discovery moments that happen so often when your tamariki are young. Here at Piccolini Preschool Hastings, we like to record those ‘firsts’ for you whenever we can catch them, then pop them through to you. Once you have them filed on your unique Storypark login you can choose to widen your circle and include other special people in viewing the content we are producing.

Reduce Paper Waste

Another way we use the Storypark App is for sharing notices, this means your kindy kid will not be coming home with lots of bits of crumpled paper in their bag. When you use the App to stay abreast of Piccolini Childcare Hastings’ special events and important calendar dates you give yourself a bit of breathing space – because the App does all the remembering for you. Storypark is also one of the ways our childcare works toward sustainability, we love to reduce paper waste wherever we can.

Stay In The Frame

Although a lot of our families prefer the App for a record of art and craft projects we also keep a traditional paper portfolio of the special pieces your preschool child is producing. This means you still get some great work to pop up on the fridge or to frame up for the wall. We encourage all our Piccolini Childcare Hastings families to download the Storypark App to stay better connected, and we are here to help if you are not super tech-savvy. Just let us know if you are struggling and we can sit with you until you get the hang of it – or ask your preschool kid – they will probably be quicker than we are!

Stay in touch online with Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare Hastings and the Storypark App – let’s future proof our communications!