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Transitioning Children from Childcare to School at Piccolini Hastings

At Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare Hastings, we have tamariki attending from 3 months old right up to preschool, some of our daycare whanau finish at Piccolini and head off to their first day of school straight away! This transition is an exciting time for your child, moving through from kindergarten to hitting age 5 and heading out into primary is a big deal.

Big Moves

Moving from childcare into school is actually ideal for your little one. Of course, there are lessons to be learned that are going to be all-new, sometimes this can feel a bit scary for your kindy kid. At Piccolini Kindergarten and Childcare in Hastings we like to help you start to prepare your child for this transition well in advance. We want your preschooler to feel confident about the next step in their growth and development so they can enjoy the process and hit the ground running.

Staying Connected

School can seem a bit daunting for your tamariki, they may feel like it’s going to be too hard, or that they won’t know any of the other kids. However, chances are there may be a few kids they went to kindy with in their class or maybe in a class above. At Piccolini Hastings we are a tight night group, and we stay connected to our community, so encouraging the older kids to look after the little ones is part of our learning. This means your child may have someone already on the playground that will know how they are feeling on that first day.

Lets Work Together

Part of building a strong community is getting together with your child’s friends outside of daycare. It’s a great idea for parents to foster these kinds of connections, think in advance, and work to make sure your 5-year-old has a buddy up ahead. Chat to other parents at drop off and pick up and try and make it along to those special days when we invite you to get involved with events we are holding.

We know that weekdays can be a challenge so we are always happy to talk with you about who your child is enjoying spending time with and get you a phone list so you can get in touch with other Piccolini kindy and childcare parents when it’s a bit easier.

Get Social

We like to make sure our preschoolers are feeling a bit of independence when they leave us for the big school. This means knowing how to take spend time with others in different environments. Doing these little things will help your child feel like they are ready for anything, they will be able to concentrate on enjoying this big step out into the world feeling secure and supported.

Get in touch today to talk about giving your child the best start at Piccolini Private Kindergarten & Childcare Hastings, let’s work together to make things great.